Sunday, February 8, 2009


Dear Team,

Has just finished few hours ago in Rio e Janeiro, the Brazilian Trials that has defined who will be going and compete in the world's biggest grappling event - ADCC.

The event has count with some of the greatest names in the sport showing very high level matches & some other great names just watching & supporting their teammates!

The Event

The 1st day was a looooong journey with the competition starting at 9am & still running during the time I left...9pm! It has defined the semi finalists that would come back next morning and fight for the title and the spot in the main event happening this year.

The Results:


66kg - Rafael Mendes
77kg - Murilo Santana
88kg - Andre Galvão
99kg - Glover Teixeira
+99kg - Antoine Joude


60kg - Michelle Tavares
+60kg - Rosangela Conceicão

That's all for now folks... we got some videos and will bring it to u soon...
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