Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Only 4 months after have started our BJJ center in Malaysia we got all the reasons to celebrate!

1st - More friends!! Yes, our family is growing fast!
2nd- More space: - our center is expanding and it's just the beggining! There's much more coming up...
3rd- New members, new area... of course we got to change name:

mixed martial arts

4th- My holiday is coming! (This is the best part by the way...)

Well, last tuesday our "Big Bro" Moktar had the great idea to bring all gang to a fantastic arab restaurant!!
Few steps before we get there:
1- Train jiu jitsu to get (more) hungry, of course.
2- Eat all the food that was waiting for us over there... thx Moktar! U d man!

We just did not expect soooooo much food!!!! Of course we could't finish it! hahahah

Food Party!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Stage 1
to clean up... to reorganize & to give a little colour!! of stage 2!!
Still have a lot to do!
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