Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Chico Mendes arrived in Malaysia last saturday and now, everybody is getting more excited with the idea of the BJJ Camp, starting this friday 14th.
All crew is getting into the BJJ Camp's spirit and having a great BJJ experience.
Escobar & Chico are conducting classes together at Crush and all Team is having a great learning.
Awesome training, lots of hard work and good vibe - That's simply fantastic!!
Of course we're bringing some pics and videos of last tuesday's training with Chico Mendes over here.

After training some fun time... Everybody showed some secret skills when Chico promoted the "1st BJJ Dance Contest".

Check it out below

Another friend very expected for the weekend is our third black belt from Brazil -Cristiano Carvalho that might be arriving in Malaysia this friday, very early in the morning. Cristiano comes from Singapore and goes straight to Pangkor Island.

More updates are coming soon... Stay tuned!

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